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JAMES MALIA - "Drawing the fun into your party or illustration is my passion!"

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"Besides drawing over 90,000 people live in the past 20 years, James' celebrity caricatures have been featured in Disney's very funny 'Dog with a Blog', the movies 'Little Fockers' of Robert De Niro and 'VANILLA SKY' of Tom Cruise, Will & Grace, HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, Amazing Race, 100 caricatures on NBC's 'Go On' w/ Matthew Perry, Jason Alexander's new off Broadway play, the very funny 2015 Netflix all-star comedy series 'Wet Hot American Summer' First day of Camp, 'Keeping up with the Steins' with Jeremy Piven, John Stamos' epic 50th Birthday Bash, Funny or Die live events, ELLEN, Billboard Music Awards, MTV, Larry King, Taco Bell cups and packaging, Oprah, and Teen Choice Awards. As well as publications including the cover of L.A. Times, People, In touch, InStylye, Fade In, US weekly, Weekly Reader, Readers Digest, Hollywood Reporter, Montecito Journal, and covers for the Santa Barbara Independent for the SB International Film Festival amongst others. James is also a regular at events and volunteer organizations at L.A. Children's Hospital , Grossman Burn Center, Petco , SB hospice, and a handful of animal rescue charities and various fundraisers. James' tenacity has led him to the good fortune of getting hired to draw at private parties for the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Betty White, Heidi Klum, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Sheen, Jon Stamos, Rob Lowe, Don Rickles, Ashlee Simpson/Evan Ross , as well as hundreds of well known companies. James' art has also been spotted on wine labels, game and toy packaging, cartoon maps, murals, books, clothing, automobiles, tattoos, on walls in homes and offices around the world including the infamous Magic Castle in Hollywood, movie posters including 'SpongeBob SquarePants', whiteboard animations, maps of Music Festivals and cities, and a plethora of advertising campaigns and television commercials. James is a regular at drawing traditional and digital caricatures live at Trade shows around the world, recently for Intel at the HP Convention in Frankfurt, Germany where he drew digital caricatures directly onto a computer screen that were projected onto a large monitor.

James also draws many wedding invitations and popular Holiday cards including for many known personalities such as Lebron James, Josh Duhamel, Fergie, Heidi Klum, Seal, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, Aimee Mayo, and Howie Mandel amongst others. Recently James was hired to draw three different save the date announcement invitation caricatures for Lebron James' epic wedding and one for Kirk Douglas' 60th anniversary.

Since returning to his native state of California in 1996 after working 2 years for Club Med resorts as a SCUBA/ windsurfing instructor/entertainer/water sports director in the Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, James has been a prolific artist with his own unique style. A style James has developed since his first doodles as a child selling his drawings door to door for $.010, to his days of drawing at a plethora of festivals, fairs, swap-meets, beach art shows, and anywhere he could draw to improve his craft. James has always been driven by a unique positive fun alive energy that he has always naturally visualized since he can remember and that he tries to capture in all of his art. From the line, color, composition, story, and subtleties. Much l like a poet, or musician that has their own sound, something very unique to its own that can't be copied and that he hopes gives only good vibrations and a soul to the art that can be felt by the viewer.

James continually works anywhere that appreciates art and caricatures. Some of these places include grand openings, promotions, premier parties, wedding receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, convention booths, grad nights, birthdays, proms, fundraisers, retirements, Trade Shows, Quinceañeras, cruise ships, family bbqs, holiday co. parties, 1st bdays, you name it.........

James partial client list includes: Paramount, Disney, L.A. Lakers Youth Foundation (volunteer), George Shapiro, Showtime's Weeds, Universal, Tumblr, Upper Deck, Microsoft, Blizzard Entertainment, Netflix, NBC, CBS, HBO, Cisco, Tumblr, Youtube Space, L.A. Lakers, Nestle, Fox Television, Warner Bros., Columbia TriStar, Dreamworks, GTE, QAD, Coca Cola, Deluxe, PacBell, Heidi Klum and Seal, Josh Duhamel and Fergie, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jonathan Cleese, Betty White, Ricky Martin, Rob Lowe, Rodney Dangerfield, Kirk Douglas, Ashlee Simpson, Charlie Sheen, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, Michael Chiklis, Brooke Shields, Lamar Odom, the Jeopardy staff, MDR yacht parties, Chris Rock, Ron Howard, Regis Philbin, Aimee Mayo, Trader Joe's, Panasonic, Roy Disney jr. , Pacific Bell, ICTV, American Red Cross, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Club Med, Citrix, Wells Fargo, Hawaiian Tropic, Taco Bell Corporation, Source Magazine, Pfizer, Mattel, Bruce Ryan Productions, Planet Hollywood, FCB Advertising, Petco, Grange Advertising, Sony Pictures, Unify Corp., Canadian Life Insurance, Boeing, McAfee , L.A. Weekly, Intuit, Lehr and Black, Mindy Weiss, Amoeba music, Santa Barbara news press, Grammys, Taylor Kischt, Stanley Cup winner Marc-Andre Fleury, The Beach Boys, Motown founder Berry Gordy, InTouch health, Ted Rogers /Rogers Media, Nokia, TheOneRing.net, Seychelles shoes, Playroom Entertainemnt, Lebron James, Dalene Kurtis, Lynda.com, Fortune Entertainment, Amgen, Intel, Molly Sims, Kelly Bergandtz, George Shapiro, Courtney Hansen, Mitch Richmond, Howie Mandel, Don Rickles, Magic Castle magicians Ivan Amodei, Greg Wilson, Frank Thurston, and Doc Wayne, city of L.A., city of Hollywood, Santa Barbara County, Deckers, city of Anaheim, LAPD, LAFD, FBI, Grossman Burn Center, Cottage Hospital, Greka, CA State parks,Twiin Productions, City of Carpinteria, Makers Mark, Weekly Reader, DenMat, Windset Farms, and the fun Brit Mick Hastie of the Magic Bullet blender.

Some of the famous faces that James has drawn in person at private events include: Kobe Bryant , Lizzy Kaplan, Rhonda Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross, Dwight Howard, Debra Messing, Brian Shaw, Mitch Richmond, Peter Falk, Amy Smart, Fabio, Mariah Carey, Kenny G, Candy Spelling, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, Bracha Krueger, Lauryn Hill, Patrick Warburton, Alan Parsons, Elaine Hendrix, Nikolette Noel, Daniel Zelman, Johnny Ullman, Charlie Sheen, Frank Langella, Nobel Prize Physicist Dr. Herbert Kroemer, Tom Green, Diana DeGarmo, Pixikill, Shania Twain, Debbie Davison, Al Kaplon, Lee Iacocca, Hugh Hefner, sheriff of L.A. Lee Baca, Judah Marley, Bethany Joy Lenz, Christine Rose, Holly Madison, Mark Victor Hansen, Alex Kurtzman, Roy Disney, Jaime Paglia, Adam "Atom" Willard, Davey Johnstone, Betty White, .....

Regarding live Caricature Entertainment:

James guarantee 100% great flattering fun fast drawings that people would want to put on their walls, as well as an extraordinary 100% GENUINE positive fun dynamic energy!!! Nothing less.

James can draw people in 1-5 minutes per person depending on detail. Add to that switching seats for the next person/ showing/ handing the drawing over = 12-15 flattering, full body black and white drawings in front view and theme an hr, or up to 18-24 head/shoulder caricatures per hr. James draws in his own unique flattering style using a fade proof faber-castell brush pen and graphite shading stik.

For traditional live drawing James can draw on any size paper, however, his preferred format is 11" x 14" high quality 100 lb. paper. After capturing the personality of his subject doing their favorite hobby or setting in a fun cartoon portrait, the artwork is placed in a clear, flat protective plastic bag. Digital caricatures with a 32" monitor projection and printer as well as traditional Colored caricatures are also available at a different rate. Though Color for traditional or digital caricatures is still entertaining to watch, color slows down the volume of drawings per hour by nearly half so 95% of people prefer black and white line art with a little shading so that more people can have the opportunity to take home a caricature.

Quotes on Illustration for personal use, advertisements, character design, cards, gift caricatures etc are on a per job bases/ time frame. Caricatures can be created for the perfect gift from e-mailing photos and a description of the person or people and image idea. James will then go back and forth with drafts of the image until you are 100% satisfied with everything about the image=most of the time it only takes one or two drafts. Then he can e-mail you a high resolution version of the final image at almost any size or multiple sizes for you to print at your convenience or James also has the ability to print certain sizes for a fair price.

James is very grateful and takes great pride in each drawing he produces and the positive energy he gives as a person,.

Please e-mail or call James for commission rates or event entertainment/live caricature sketch art rates and info.

Besides the daily commissions or drawing speed caricatures at events, James is working on a series of fine art figurative fun prints, several books, and environment concept and character designs for animated original show in the works. James will also appear as himself on a new yet to be named comedy reality show for NBC from the same producers of Hell's Kitchen which is currently in post production.

Occasionally James gets commissioned to entertain by drawing large at events, from abstract fun graffiti-ish style on an entire wall to paint drawing memorized portraits on a large canvas, or sometimes to capture the crowd or event in a cartoonish style. One of his favorites so far was having to draw a funky school of fish on a reef on an 12' by 6' wall with the employees faces as the heads.

When not drawing, James can be found windsurfing or floating in the waters off of the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles coastline, trying his best to communicate with the dolphins. So far they just squeak and smile.

Below are a few samples of some kind inspiring comments from clients:

"Fergie and I LOVE the artwork you did for our wedding and want you to design our Holiday card!" - Josh Duhamel and Fergie

"James is amazingly expressive as his pen dances across paper brilliantly expressing life, love ,joy, excitement, and capturing the fullness and best that is in everyone."
- Mark Victor Hansen (co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series) Newport Beach, CA

" James you are such a talented artist and beautiful soul, Thanks again for making another one of our parties extra special, if you ever need us for a reference please do not hesitate." - Sheri and Roy Disney , Studio City


"Hello. I want to thank you, your company, and mostly James for being above and beyond more than i could have asked for.... I will be recommending to all i know. he is AMAZING. Great artist wonderful personality and beautiful soul. Could not have asked for a more perfect fit. I hope our guests treated him with the respect he showed us." - Cristina King, Santa Monica

"These are the nicest caricatures I have ever seen." -Jerry Seinfeld at the David Lynch Foundation's 'Night of Comedy' regarding 37 5' by 4' caricatures of comedians made for the event as decor at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, CA

"Thank YOU for doing such a wonderful job at my daughter's birthday. Everyone thought you were really great and had the nicest things to say about their time wth you. I really appreciate it." -Taryn , Santa Barbara, CA

"Thank You for a job well done! We'll happily have you at every party we have! Our friends can't stop talking about you!!!" - Brendan Turner , CEO Turner Techtronics

"Hi James, I like to thank you for the wonderful caricature you made for me several years ago. I was working in Journeys's End Resort, San Pedro, Belize. Presently, I'm a teacher and I Use that picture for My Welcome sign in my classroom. Everone love it. Thanks a million! " -Dyel J. Cal

" James, I wanted to thank you for the caricature sketch that you drew of me at the HVAC convention in Anaheim, CA 2004. I remembered your gregarious personality and how within minutes, you not only drew but developed images that really embodied my personality. I still have my artwork posted up in my living room and though I have looked at it severally times, I have just realized the subtle details that were included. I know it's been 5 years, but I just wanted you to know that you are truly a gifted artist. I pray that this holiday season will find you and your family with happiness and good cheer. " -Denise Kerr

"James you made my sons party a hit, Thanks again!" - Rob Lowe, Santa Barbara

"Hi James, It was our honor to have you to be a part of our wedding!! We got a lot of compliments for hiring you at the wedding, and everyone loves their drawings :)
Thank you for being so patient & having fun with all the guests too. We can't say THANK YOU enough. I'm sure hundreds of people already told you this ….you're soo very talented & just simply amazing!! Hope to see you again sometime. Thanks again " - Nadia & Jeff

"I LOVE this so much I can't breathe, I'm putting it everywhere I love you Xox" - Mindy Weiss

Wow, poetry in your Phinger Tipps & a Soul in ure Hart! - Charlie Sheen

"Your work is amazing and you were really fun. My husband is CNN reporter Ted Rowlands and he has your drawing in his office, even Larry King gets a kick out of it, thank You!"
-Erica Rowlands


Little Fockers clip Of Robert Deniro's caricature by James


NBC's comedy sitcom 'Go On' starring Matthew Perry episode 19 'Go for the Gold Watch' with 100 of James' caricatures

On Ellen with Fabulous Fergie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eaF63Aqxqc&feature=player_embedded

Dog with a Blog caricature video clip


note: 2014
Coming from a modest life growing up mostly in Sacramento with the hardest working British mom ( Buckinghamshire ) full of heart and positive energy , having to pay for most things myself ( a car, school, endless hobbies), experiencing being homeless for a small period as a child, has taught me to appreciate the smallest most subtle things that I've noticed many of my friends who were handed everything don't see. I believe this has given me the extra spark, hunger, passion, compassion, awareness, deep appreciation and drive I wouldn't have if I came from a silver spoon upbringing.
And through art, the people I've been so fortunate to meet from all walks of life, from almost every country in existence, to children with terminal cancer, to Nobel Prize physicists, to kick butt plumbers, to 100 year old poets, and all in between. The profound lessons, inspirations, adventures, serendipitous incredible moments, challenges, the moments of self doubt, the love from strangers, continues to continually teach me to see the world with better and brighter eyes , to be more present, to be more fearless, to really try to see the poetry and line in everything and everyone. I feel like I've just re-opened my eyes and I'm more excited each day to create and spread joy through art to as many people as I can. I have so many people to Thank and regrets for not Thanking a few who've passed. The road less traveled is not easy, however the wonderful people I often get the fortunate privilege to meet or work with because of this esoteric career is priceless!!! This art is just the beginning, Thank You to everyone who ever supported me in any way, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and Thank You for looking at this gallery. Like Steve Martin used to say during his ol' stand up days " I'd like to Thank each and every one of you, (deeeeep breath in), Thank You, THANK YOU, thank you, Thank YOU, Thank You, THANK YOU, thank you, Thank YOU, tHaNk YoU, Thank You, THANK YOU, thank you, Thank YOU, Thank You, THAnk YOU, tHaNk YoU, Th…………….

Give to Live and to carry each other is all that matters.