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RIP Robin Williams We will mis you!

RIP Robin, Thank You for all of your selfless love and making the world a brighter happier place. Thank you for all the laughs, smiles, wonder, inspiration, and joy! Thank you for 2 hours of world class gut wrenching laughs when I took my mom to see you at Arlington, Thank you for being kind to everyone. I remember somehow being so lucky to have dinner under the Sydney, Australia skyline with all of the voice actors from 'Happy Feet' who just got off of a boat party that you threw for them. The brilliant Carlos Alazraqui , ( better known for his Tac Bell chihuahua voice, stand-up, and Reno 911 character) was on my left and the very kind Elizabeth Daily , ( better known for the Rugrats voices ) was on my right. Besides being one of the most entertaining meals of my life, They spent much of the night talking about how kind and giving you are. Statements that come from everyone who ever spent anytime with you.
Robin, Im sorry you were in pain. A million hugs and endless love to your family and close friends. You are physically gone but your joy will live on forever, you left the world a much better place, you will be deeply deeply missed and never ever forgotten. Whenever I need a laugh I will still continue to youtube any of your interviews, especially 'Inside the Actors studio", or watch your masterpieces. They are all perfection. I'm excited that you have 4 films about to be released. I especially Thank you for inspiring so many by being open and honest about your struggles. Even with your passing your open heart is inspiring others and giving them strength including myself. You are one of a kind, one magnificent beautiful being, a life force like no other. I know you are making the heavens and cosmos smile brighter. In science the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but I think like a quasar you bend rules and somehow you gave more energy than should quantifiably be possible. Maybe it's because you were a sun for so many, a sun that burned bright for a record 63 human life years, a sun thats energy is in all of us forever, exponentially bringing joy and hope. It wouldn't surprise me if NASA soon discovers a new tickling planet phenomenon or a new burst of positive energy from above. I sincerely hope you are at peace. Thank you fine sir! O Captain my Captain! To living an extraordinary life!!! I know I speak for many, All my love and gratitude, what dreams may come


James Malia

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